My Last First Kiss

I‘m looking for my last first kiss
The one that caresses my heart,
The end to my searching
The beginning to my last start,

I want that feeling of melting
When we stare into each others eyes,
Making our lives complete
Just a touch bringing us to sighs,

Growing old together in true bliss
The love my grandparents had seen,
Sharing affection and emotion
With many smiles in between,

This is a dream I will keep
Until the day my heart finds this,
Then its a dream I will live
Searching for my last first kiss

Unhappily Ever After

This cold frost-bitten heart was warm long ago
When love had blossomed in romance so young
Broken and banished to the darkness forever
With hope of being rescued by a princess true

Plagued was the heart of the princess he loved
Poisoned by the spirits that echoed in her ear
Blinded by an invisible lust that never existed
Created in her heart and mind by demons of hate

Long ago this prince was destined for happiness
In a kingdom he would reign with his pure heart
He fell victim to the evil brewing in his bed
When he turned a blind eye to the pain he felt

Her intentions were good but possessed by the bad
She could not see how much her prince had cared
His love was for her and she could not feel it
For her heart was numb and cursed with jealousy

The tale of a prince with a witch for a princess
A story where love did not rise and was defeated
Happy endings are only told in old fairy tales
But this book of stories tell of tales so true